Today, I heard a new song 🙂 and I was impressed by the lyric :
” I was nurtured, I was sheltered, I was curious and young, I was searching for something, trying to find it on the run. Oh and just when I stopped looking, I saw just how far I’d come, in this life. You give me love, you give me light, show me everything’s been happening.
Three steps fight an honest, two hearts that start a fire. One love is all I need in this life.
I have faltered, I’ve stumbled, I’ve found my feet again…”

Haha, somehow or other, I feel like it so much.
Look back, I have never sung from the beginning to the and of a song, 😀
I feel hesitated, feel that everyone will made me be penetrated.
And you, do you have something to share?


The first post

Green beetle in my Garden

Green beetle in my Garden

I have unemployed for 15 days. Sometimes I feel so bored with work, money, and the thinking that have to find a girl for my life. The adventure of the life is more difficult than I thought. Recently years, I’ve always asked myself about whether I chosen a wrong way. When I was a pupil in high school, I didn’t hear my heart or rather I didn’t know what I have to do, everything made me fuzzy.

Up to now, I just like learning foreign language, take the camera and go to somewhere strange and find out something new. Perhaps I’m the one who lives without the will.

If you were me, what would you do? I’m waiting for doing something new, something strange, something as I thought.

Life is not waiting or life is have to waiting? It’s a hard question. Someone who pass by may help me answer above question, and let me know your dream if you don’t mind.

Maybe I’m facing with the difficult now but I believe that I will find out a way to go.

Do you have any secrets? I do believe that anyone also has his own secret.
In face, not much people want to reveal and want to try to conceal it.
I usually blush with shame when others know my secret and be confused. Hehe.
Can you reveal your secret with your close friend? I couldn’t. Everything I truly want to do is shut my mouth up.

Coincidence And Random

This picture which I picked up by random is about my dog :). Maybe it is not elated with what I want to tell. :v
Today, when I’m on the way go to city to buy a new motor, suddenly I think about the coincidence. Have you ever in a coincide that you never think it will happen: You will meet your girl of your life or be robed by someone.
It’s so excited when you and the your dream girl coincide go to a park at the same time, choose the same a place to sit and think about the one who you want to meet. Wow, just think about it, I was thrill. I prefer a graceful girl to a sexy girl. Haha.
Do you believe in fate?

Have something wrong with me?

Oh yeah. Today is a long day with full of work. Some friends got married, some friends got drunk. They called to me and told me something trivial but it made me feel playful. I want to say thank to my moonstruck guys. LoL

The more you learn the more you realize that how short of your acknowledge you are. It made me unsteady how I told to myself I need to try more and more.

The time passes slowly, and sometimes I feel that I need a hand, a person that I can hold on, can talk to :v. My friends talk to me that: ” you need find someone, she’ll help you more than you can imagine” but they don’t tell me where I can find out her. Haha.

Maybe I’m a crazy guy, different from the other men. I can’t understand myself at all.
I’m dying for friend, wine and something crazy. Raise the fire man!

Repost from something in the past :D

oday is my birthday. No friend, no cake. Haizz. I  was looking forward to waiting some wishes but ultil now I don’t recieve anything. I’m used to it and it is not big problem.I’m trying to find the way to learn more vocabulary but not yet 😀

But today I found that, should let’s everything happen by the most nature way.


And I see that :  “Công việc, học hành, chuyến đi, những mối quan hệ…, có lẽ dài ngắn không thực sự quan trọng. Miễn sao là vui thỏa, là hạnh phúc”we can roughly translates it is: Works, Study, Journey, relationships…. maybe short or long, it’s not so nescesscery just make we joyful is happy.


Today I decide that : I will make me more differently, more open, don’t so inferiority, love my own ….Try more NamCham. You can make it :))))))